MINIMUMNUTS - Large baroque pearl jewelry

A special item has arrived from Minimum Nuts.

Minimum Nuts, Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque pearl series

Large baroque pearl.
Tailored into a long necklace and earrings.
It just arrived the other day.


Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Earrings

A baroque pearl with a plump and plump form.

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Earrings

A melee diamond is attached to the pearl to make it more gorgeous.

There is a hole that was originally made in the pearl, and the diamond is stuck there.

A baroque pearl with a distinctive silhouette.
Taking advantage of the fact that no two silhouettes are the same, we embedded diamonds in the unique parts of the pearls, creating a pair that is balanced even when worn asymmetrically.

The size and silhouette are completely different, but they are perfectly balanced.

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Earrings

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Earrings

You can wear it on either the left or right ear.

I wanted to put the diamonds on the inside, so I tried wearing the vertical earrings on my right ear.

as you like.

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace

The necklace is slightly carved along the pearl and set with a gold bar.

At first glance, it's not in a position to make a statement, but when you wear it, you can see the gold line casually, tightening the rounded line and raising the precious mood unique to jewelry.

minimumnuts, baroque pearl necklace

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace

It's a bit off topic, but while I was talking about the necklace I mentioned earlier, something came to my mind.

When I met the designer Mr. Hori at the exhibition held the other day.
Mr. Hori's wonderful attire draws you in.

It's not flashy or eccentric, it's a simple yet unobtrusive individuality that shines through.

Minimum Nuts jewelry is made mainly of pearls and K18.

By being simple and casual without being swept away,
I once again felt that jewelry that makes the material look more attractive is born from the exquisite sense of balance and the suppleness and core power.

Exhibitions are held all over the country, so if there is one near you, please come and visit.

Minimum Nuts, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace

yes! We talked about silhouettes and details, but the best recommendation here is luster and color.

A rich aurora such as blue, orange, and purple floats and is mesmerizing.

I can't tell you in the picture, so I've prepared a video, so please take a look at it.

/// Minimum nuts ///

design & making: HORI NATSUKI
Born in Osaka, lives in Osaka After graduating from Saga Art Junior College,
Studied the basics of jewelry at Japan Jewelry Craft Academy.

Started MINIMUMNUTS in 2009 after learning practical wax work and metal engraving from her mother, who is a jewelry designer.
After holding solo exhibitions at galleries, he started full-scale work in 2014.

With the concept of “worrisome cuteness”, K18 and pearls,
A regular line with round freshwater pearls as the main material,
Minimum Nuts develops a jewelry line that mainly uses organically shaped pearls such as South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls, and Keshi pearls.





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