LANA ia lani

LANA ia lani

A brand designed and produced by Mizuki Kataoka.

Worked as a jewelry designer and coordinator for domestic market brands
Started activities as LANA ia lani in 2007.

lanai lani, lana ia lani jewelry

LANA ia lani brand page

Lanai Lani means "floating in the sky"

The motif of the brand symbol is “moon and dandelion fluff”.

It is said that the name comes from the name of the white and fluffy cat "Tampopo" that has passed away and lived with me long ago.

Remembering the man I loved so much, "Fluff that climbs high in the night sky and heads for a new journey in the moonlight"
It seems that it became the brand name of Lanai Lani and the symbol mark of the moon and fluff.

With the dignified appearance of the crescent moon floating in the night sky,
As you can see from the gentle relationship of fluffy soft fluff,
We create jewelry that will stay close to your daily life without forgetting it.

lanai lani, lana ia lani

Each piece is made with high-quality materials and light, simple, and comfortable jewelry.

lana ia lani jewelry, square necklace gold

All the items selected this time are 18-karat gold.

There is almost no fading, and the color is suitable for adult hands.

Lanai Lani, Triangle Earrings, Earrings 18k Gold

Photos of items only are taken close to convey the texture and details in an easy-to-understand manner.

For that reason, it looks slightly larger and thicker, but it actually has a slightly more modest and light size.

This picture of wearing earrings may be the closest size to the real thing.

Please for your reference.

It will be the brand that will be handled after the renewal from gigi to patchouli.

Seeing Lanai Lani jewelry for the first time in a certain medium,
The natural and high-quality design that can be worn anytime and forever is very linked to the concept that patchouli aims for, so we asked for this opportunity for the renewal opening.

At the moment, the number of items is small, but I would like to introduce necklaces and bracelets using natural stones.

Please be patient with us for a long time.

Please look forward to it.

LANA ia lani brand page