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A jewelry brand that Ms. Yukiko Shimazaki consistently handles from design to production.

We design the beauty, softness, and generosity born from the material,
yull.'s jewelry is created by looking at everyday things and things from a slightly different perspective.

It is produced with the concept of playful jewelry that makes you feel "!" unintentionally.

We would like to introduce the latest work, the Piece series, which was released in conjunction with the exhibition held at the beginning of December.

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/// PIECE ////
piece of jewel
Inspired by the shape of the cracked pieces of octagonal quartz that was broken by an accident, we recut the stones and made them into jewelry that can be worn beautifully.

Mr. Shimazaki, a yull. designer, is a professional jeweler who teaches at a jewelry college.

Even the cut of the stone is handled by himself, and the loose cut this time was also created by Mr. Shimazaki.

yull.,yull Jewelry, Yukiko Shimazaki

Carving each piece of quartz that has broken, carefully checking the line.

It seems to be cut roughly, but it is carefully made while looking at the balance based on meticulous calculations.

These earrings are available in two types.
One is the A type with quartz set diagonally.

yull. Piece milky quartz Pierce A Quartz earrings/K10

At first glance, you'd think it would be for the left ear, but surprisingly, it seems that you can enjoy it on either side.

Start with your left ear.

Yull Jewelry, yull

This is an outfit where the quartz faces inward when worn on the left ear.

When worn on the right side,

For clothing facing outwards.

It depends on how the ears are attached and the shape, but it seems that it is worn on the outside and slightly backwards.

I think that the feather-like pointed outfit will look good on your profile, and you can dress it up impressively.
yull jewelry

What do you think?

Everyone has their own way of enjoying jewelry.
Please dress up with your own ideas ^^
yull. ↓

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