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Original gift wrapping SET

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¥880 JPY
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¥880 JPY
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Designed by designer Mai Minoshima ( )
With patchouli original print purse,
You can order a message card and a paper bag for carrying around.

This is an original fabric pouch made with two themes of water and rock.

We have prepared each wrapping set so that you can use it according to your purpose.
Please use it according to the scene.

A : Purse, message card, paper bag ¥880
It is recommended when you carry it around and hand it over.
We will deliver the entire gift wrapping set.

B : Purse, message card (without paper bag) ¥660
Recommended as a reward for yourself or if you want to send it directly from our store to the gift recipient.
It will be wrapped in a purse and delivered with a message card.

C : Paper bag, message card (without purse) ¥330
It will be delivered with a paper bag and a message card.

------------------ design story ---------------------

“A package where you can feel the origin of gemstones”
Gemstones and metals that form the basis of jewelry come from seas, lakes,
It is generated under the influence of light, wind, and water from the nature of mountains and earth.
An image reminiscent of the roots where gems were born,
With the texture of the fabric that matches them,
The design is visually and tactilely enjoyable.

Pearls have long been loved as ornaments.
The concept is the “water” of seas, rivers, and lakes where pearls are nurtured, with the theme of pearls that fascinate with their graceful and elegant luster.

Colored stones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, precious stones such as diamonds that emit dazzling brilliance,
The design is based on the image of a “rocky mountain” where ores such as gold and silver, which are the foundation of jewelry, are mined.

Need gift wrapping?

We offer gift wrapping sets made with patchouli original prints.

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