SASAI archive series

A jewelry brand from New York that started in 2016
We have received several items from the archive collection from SASAI.

This is a series that depicts what would happen if a single link of a chain made up of beads were transformed into a natural stone such as crystal or aventurine.

Things that we took for granted will change.

This is a series that is fun to watch as even a change of just one frame can transform the piece into a completely different piece.

SASAI PROXY chain and crystal necklace

The necklace is 40cm for the SV type and 45cm for the GD type.

The design is heavy enough to be recommended for men as well, so it would make a great gift or something to share.

SASAI's jewelry has a lot of heavy designs.
It stands up to textured outfits such as knitwear,
These are pieces of jewelry that will definitely make a statement.

Oh yes, this series comes with a pouch!

A pouch with the SASAI logo.
The ring comes with a small pouch.
It would be nice to give it as a gift as is.

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