Red spinel

As summer comes to an end, I suddenly find myself wanting some deep, vibrant red jewelry.

One day, I was feeling like I wanted a passionate red that was closer to orange, or a deep, rich red that still had some sparkle.

When I went out to look for a special order pearl, I suddenly thought, "That's it! I'll try looking for a red stone," so I decided to go and see my usual dealer.

I was shown a variety of stones, including rubies, pink sapphires, and garnets, but I was wondering which one was neither a ruby ​​nor a sapphire...

"How about this one?" he asked, and brought out a spinel from the back of the display case.

Wow! How vivid, deep, and shiny!

It's a beautiful, clear red, like a ruby.

According to the dealer's older brother, it is also the stone used in the center of the crown kept by the British royal family.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that red spinel and ruby ​​were once considered to be the same because of their similarities, and were therefore seen as imitation rubies and less valuable than rubies. However, it turns out that red spinel is actually rarer.

Although it is a little expensive, I decided to make it with this spinel as it is a beautiful stone and I thought you would really like it.

This short necklace is made by alternating light 10K gold chains and spinels.

patchouli Red spinel chain necklace

We are also making tiny tiny pearl types.
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