Restock!! MONAKA jewellery

MONAKA jewellery


We have some special items in stock from Monaca Jewelry, which develops jewelry that makes the most of the individuality of the stone itself.

The classic bar stone earrings are now back in stock in labradorite and rutilated quartz.
It has been very well received since its release, and we've been restocking it again and again.

Monaca Jewelry

It is easy to wear both at work and at play, and suits anyone's face shape, so it is also popular as a gift.

And then there's Monaca's signature rock series.

MONAKA rock series

This series is created by transforming the raw stones into jewelry while making the most of their silhouette.

If you are wearing these lock earrings for the first time, you may be confused about how to wear them.
This time we have selected crossing style earrings that are easy for anyone to wear.

Monaca Jewelry

monakajewellery rock earrings

I think you can easily wear it without any hesitation.

The smoky quartz type is scheduled to arrive around November, so please look forward to it.

We will be introducing flat stone earrings soon.
We have selected these items so that you can enjoy them as a pair, so please look forward to them ♡

MONAKA jewellery