Optional parts to make your necklace even more enjoyable

The days have been exceeding 35 degrees...!
Are you managing to beat the heat?
Don't forget to stay hydrated, and take care of yourself.

This year, we've seen many women stylishly wearing tank tops and sleeveless tops, as if they're enjoying the heat.

The sleeve line is exposed boldly, while the chest area is modest.
The tightly cinched neckline is a popular choice.

If you are going to wear a necklace with a high neckline,
We recommend a choker that fits around the throat or a slightly longer necklace that falls below the collarbone.

A little longer means about 45-50cm.
If the only necklaces you have are 38cm or 40cm, then when wearing clothes with a tight neckline, both will end up being about the same length, which means your necklace won't look very good.

We have prepared a necklace adjuster item that is convenient for such problems!

From above
・patchouli SV adjuster necklace
・patchouli K10 bubble adjuster necklace
・bohem K10 heart adjuster necklace

We have two original patchouli products and one original bohem product available.

Both are made with 5cm chains.

It's easy to use.
Add length by fastening the adjuster chain to the necklace clasp.
Since it can be fastened at any position on the chain, you can add just a little 2-3cm to the length.

The two original patchouli items are made with larger chains with inner diameters of 2mm and 3mm, so even if they are hook-type, you can easily thread them through as long as they are of a standard size.

Since each link is larger, we chose a delicate line so that you can incorporate it into your jewelry without losing its delicate mood.

Here is a photo of the item being worn with an adjuster necklace.

bohem Star Loop×Loop Star Necklace A

By combining a necklace of about 38 cm with a 5 cm adjuster necklace, you can create a neat look without it getting caught in your clothes.

It's also recommended for layering when you want to look even more glamorous!

Even if both necklaces are the same length,
Add an adjuster necklace and

It brings out the presence of the diamond top without blocking the sparkle of the heart plate.

bohem Loop * Loop heart necklace
monaka jewellery collection natural diamond necklace

Also, even if you have a necklace with a top that cannot be attached to the necklace,

hannah keefe LACE necklace

It's still nice at 42cm,

By adding just 5cm of length, you can create more space between the neckline of your outfit and the necklace, creating a relaxed and casual look.

How do you like it?

You may be able to revive your favorite jewelry that is hard to match with your clothes.

Please feel free to use it!