Patchouli exclusive ♡ Play night earrings

Bohem's popular item is the fairy earrings series.

This time, we used loose stones selected by patchouli and had them made into fairy earrings.

The fairy parts spread out gorgeously while enveloping the earlobe.
Finished with a mix of green stones such as pearls, chrysoprase, and light apatite.

bohem fairy earrings

Bohem jewelry always brings joy and happiness.

In fact, we are secretly working on a collaboration ring just for bohem and patchouli 👆

I want jewelry like this! Patchouli came up with the idea.
What about the fine details, the stones, the textures and motifs?
I'm making it through trial and error with bohem.

We think we'll be able to unveil it before the end of the year, so please look forward to it!