We have prepared X'mas gift wrapping

It's finally December from tomorrow.

The state of emergency has been lifted, and shopping and eating out are gradually becoming more enjoyable.

It seems that the bustle of the city has increased.

As if recovering from last year's self-restraint mood, I think that Christmas-conscious illuminations and Christmas songs were already playing around the beginning of November this year.

Patchouli also prepared a Christmas gift wrapping set for the gift season.

gift wrapping

A set of bouquets to add glamor.

Christmas bouquet, gift wrapping

Arrangement of leaves and flowers such as olives, centered on fluffy cotton flowers. I will make them one by one.

A set of Christmas bouquets in addition to a paper bag, purse, and message card.

You can also choose a drawstring design (Water or Rock) for this set.

Please purchase on the gift wrapping page.

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