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SASAI Bulge wide Ring/brass

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Ring size guide

◆Ring size chart◆

ring size,リングサイズ表

Brooklyn. New York jewelry brand SASAI.
With a color palette of gentle colors centered on gold,
It is characterized by a playful design that is minimal and delicate, but sometimes skillfully combines tassels, strings, cloth, stone materials, etc.

Each piece is handmade and has warmth,
Jewelry that draws out the presence of the person wearing it.
As a designer who values the production process of “playing with materials,”
The unique design continues to evolve.

bulge ring
An organic ring that looks like a swelled metal with heat.
It shows different expressions depending on the angle, so you can enjoy it either up or down.

A silhouette with plenty of volume.
From this series, we use a slightly reddish rose gold brass material for an elegant finish.

The more you use it, the more the taste will appear, and the more you polish it, the more it will shine.

material brass


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