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LANA ia lani FLAKES necklace Triangle necklace/K18

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/// LANA ia lani ///
It means "floating in the sky" in Hawaiian.

After working as a jewelry designer and coordinator for a domestic market brand
Started activities as LANA ia lani in 2007.

"Bring your favorite things and scenery into your everyday life"

I incorporate the inevitable beauty and serendipitous moments found in nature into the visuals of my jewelry, accessories, and objets d'art pieces.


"Fragments of organic matter seen through a lens

The almost inorganic alignment of the cells, which breathe and grow repeatedly, emits a dignified and quiet glow.

The motif is "triangular scales."
This jewelry is made by simply threading a chain through the piece to make a necklace.
This product has a comfortable hairline texture that blends in with bare skin.

A single pearl is strung on the clasp to add a subtle accent.
Matching earrings are also available.

K18, pearl

Size motif: 6*9mm
Chain length: 40cm

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