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bohem fairy earrings tanzanite x opal earrings & earrings/K10

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Ring size guide

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/// bohem ///
Jewelry that is designed and produced with a focus on playful, timing, and quality, with the concept of making things that are fun, cool, cute, and wonderful every day.

///Gemstone fairy earrings collection///
A fairy collection that gives you a gentle and glamorous look, like a hazy grass on your ear.
Fasten the parts studded with natural stones between the earlobe and the catch.

A combination of violet tanzanite and opal with aurora that creates a soft and cute atmosphere.

The piercing type
It is a two-step adjustment type that is safe for those who are worried about the thickness of the earlobe and the position of the piercing hole.
You can use it with just the earrings, or you can use the fairy parts to match your existing earrings.

* Earrings are available in two sizes.
S size is 41,800 yen, M size is 44,000 yen

Material tanzanite, opal

Pierce post, catch: K10
Parts: sv925 (K18 coating)

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