Linie, Linie ear cuff


Designer: Fumie Niimi

Ear cuffs have appeared from Lignier, which develops jewelry that combines fashion and natural dynamism.


Items with natural stones and pearls on ear cuffs with gold grains,
Available in gold and silver bicolor.


LiniE K10&SV SUN AND MOON Ear cuff

This item is named SUN AND MOON, and the design compares the brilliance of sophisticated silver to the moon and rough gold to the sun.

It is a reversible type that can be turned to the front on both gold and silver sides.


LiniE K10&SV SUN AND MOON Ear cuff
LiniE CUFFS OF THE STONE Ear cuff Ear cuff/K10
Seta Shape Round Pierced earring S gold hoop earrings/K18

The silver has a mirror finish, and the glittering reflection gives it a cool and cool look.


LiniE K10&SV SUN AND MOON Ear cuff
MINIMUMNUTS keshi pearl * emerald ear cuff

10-karat gold with a matte finish on the front.

Impression to be familiar with with moisture. The statement is modest, but the clothing has a strong presence.

How about layering it with pearls and other items that have a gentle expression for scenes where you want to look graceful?

Although it is different from the linen, we are planning to release a new ear cuff in April, so please look forward to it.




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