Finished! /// First shot! 4/15 order deadline

The first order acceptance has ended! Thank you very much.

We will ship in early June.

Please contact us for the second order

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From bohem, who always develops exciting and playful jewelry

Candy ear cuffs have appeared.

bohem candy ear cuff collection

Colored paint is applied to the silver cuff with gold coating to add color.

The natural stones hanging from the cuff are star or heart shaped.
Bohem original cut.


Please enjoy the color balance with a sense of rhythm like bohem.

Bohem is very good at making jewelry that adults can enjoy, while using high-quality materials that are cute, light, and unique like toys.

Excited, it's a very favorite brand that always gives me such a feeling.

Due to the lot, we have set a deadline during the order period.

The first order deadline will be until April 15th.
Delivery will be in early June.

bohem candy ear cuff collection