Jewelry "CUBE" that looks like building blocks


Designed and made by Yukiko Shimazaki

We design the beauty, softness, and generosity born from the material,
yull.'s jewelry brand is born by looking at everyday things and things from a slightly different perspective.

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From such Yule, a new collection was born and we started handling it at our store.

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This collection is named CUBE,
These pierced earrings are designed like building blocks with gold cubes stacked on natural stone cubes.

A silhouette with depth, like a cube seen from an angle.

When you wear it, you can enjoy a different look from the front and from the side.

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We mainly use clear natural stones, so I think you can get a sense of openness and freshness.

The light that escapes from the natural stone falls on the face line and below the ears, creating a lovely and glossy look.

These earrings are made separately for the right and left sides.

Can be worn on either ear
It is recommended to wear it so that the stone is on the inside for a beautiful finish.

A colorful variation using green and purple amethyst and quartz.

It is wonderful even if you wear it asymmetrically.

We have also re-posted the earrings from the toricolor series that were well received at gigi in the previous shop, so please take a look at them as well.

yull. Original catch using natural stone.

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