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simmon flower crown ring

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Ring size guide

◆Ring size chart◆

ring size,リングサイズ表

Based on the concept of "spinning memories," jewelry designed to evoke distant memories.

to create sweet, warm, nostalgic memories of childhood that we all have,
We also place importance on adding the designer's sensibilities and feelings to the design as a spice.
Jewelry made by simmon will be a piece of new memory,
And we aim to be a memory item that makes you smile naturally like when you look back on your childhood and smile.

///Flower Crown Ring///
A ring made with the image of a corolla that everyone made when they were young.
Reproduced realistically by twisting one wheel at a time.
It is a jewelry that "spreads memories" that suddenly reminds me of those days.

As you use it, the shade of the coating is born, making it a tasteful one.

SV925, K18 coating


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