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simmon SV & RECTANGLE SHELL SIGNET RING PINKY white butterfly shell ring /Silver

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simmon with the concept of "spinning memories"
Jewelry that gives shape to the nostalgic and beautiful memories you saw and felt when you were a child.
From the moment I received simmon,
It is a jewelry brand that is produced with the hope that it will be engraved as a piece of new memory.

A collection born by facing the material.
Sliced white pearl oysters so thin that the metal can be seen through are pasted together and arranged with the base metal of the ring.
Depending on the angle, you can see the light and shade of the shell, and sometimes you can enjoy the unique taste of natural materials where the aurora floats.

A comfortable combination of the organic texture of the shell and the inorganic texture of the silver.
Unisex can be used by both men and women.
It will be made in pinky size from 3 to 7.

If there is looseness, it will fall off, so
If you hesitate between two sizes, we recommend the smaller size.

Material silver, white pearl shell


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