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PALA braid chain hand necklace Necklace /Silver

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Ring size guide

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/// braided chain hand necklace ///
A solid type braided chain with densely packed links.
A necklace featuring PALA's iconic motif, a hand, as the clasp.

While following the neckline supplely,
It reflects light like a mirror as you move, giving it an outstanding presence.

The hand parts that serve as fasteners are made of K10YG.
It is a combination of silver and gold.

Material: Silver, K10YG

Size: Length approx. 40cm

A jewelry brand launched by designer Kimura Akari in 2012.

Using the experience I gained in New York,
When we look at everyday objects from a different angle, we create jewelry based on the inspiration we gain from new discoveries.

To remain modern and timeless across generations.

The designers themselves are involved in the production, and we offer jewelry that values ​​quality from a craftsman's perspective.

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