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MONAKA jewelery Hibiki hoop pierce color stone & diamond Pierce/K18

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Ring size guide

◆Ring size chart◆

ring size,リングサイズ表

*Single ear

There is no F stone, and only one G brown diamond is available in stock.
Other items will be charged for about one month.

///MONAKA jewelery///
Monaka, which means the mid-autumn harvest moon Carefully selected high-quality materials are filled with the exhilaration of accessories.

It is a brand that makes use of the design of high jewelry and the experience of purchasing gemstones overseas, and you can meet high quality stones that are generally rare to see.

/// Hibiki ///
The Hibiki series has a warm body with small colored stones.
Roughen the surface with a file to create a textured finish.

Blue sapphires, rubies, and emeralds with dark colors make a modest yet strong statement.
The diamond uses a single cut diamond with a gentle brilliance.

A feeling of small size that is just right for everyday use.
Since it is a hoop type, it is recommended that you do not have to worry about getting caught.

It's nice to combine left and right asymmetry.

An ear cuff type is also available.

size piercing about 12*1mm


A Emerald ¥45,650 (tax in)
B Blue sapphire ¥45,650 (tax in)
C Diamond ¥48,400 (tax in)
D Ruby ¥45,650 (tax in)
E Yellow sapphire ¥45,650 (tax in)
F non ¥34,650 (tax included)
G Brown Diamond ¥48,400 (tax in)

monakajewellery hibiki earrings

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