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  • monaka,monaka ジュエリー,イヤカフ,ダイヤモンド イヤカフ,イヤーカフ,ピンキーリング
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MONAKA jewelery Hibiki color stone & diamond ear cuff Ear cuff/K18

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Ring size guide

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ring size,リングサイズ表

*Single ear
///MONAKA jewelery///
Monaka, which means the mid-autumn harvest moon Carefully selected high-quality materials are filled with the exhilaration of accessories.

It is a brand that makes use of the design of high jewelry and the experience of buying gemstones overseas, and you can meet high quality stones that are not commonly seen.

/// Hibiki ///
The Hibiki series has a warm body with small colored stones.
Roughen the surface with a file to create a textured finish.

Blue sapphires, rubies, and emeralds with dark colors make a modest yet strong statement.
The diamond uses a single cut diamond with a gentle brilliance.

There are two faces, a stone -studded side and a matte side without stones.
You can enjoy reversible.

It is a feeling of wearing about 3-4 that can be used as a pinky ring .

Earrings types are available on another page.

*It takes about 1 month.
Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

Size about 16*1mm


A Emerald ¥50,600 (tax in)
B Blue sapphire ¥50,600 (tax in)
C Diamond ¥53,900 (tax included)
D Ruby ¥50,600 (tax in)
E Yellow sapphire ¥50,600 (tax in)

monakajewellery hibiki earrings

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