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La Montagne

LA MONTAGNE elegant necklace / SV&K18

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/// écume ///
A series inspired by bubbles.
Écume means foam in French.

This necklace is made of K18 bars connected together with a mantle clasp as a highlight.

It can also be slid on and used as a lariat.

Material: Silver, K18

Size: Total length: Approx. 45cm

LA MONTAGNE aims to be delicate yet powerful and feminine.
LA MONTAGNE means mountain in French.

The brand began with a necklace featuring diamonds mined from mines set in lines reminiscent of mountains.
Gold, silver, stones, pearls.
Jewelry made from materials created by the Earth over its long history evokes the spatial aspects of nature, landscapes, and phenomena that exist on Earth. Wearing LA MONTAGNE, which exudes such grandeur, brings out your potential beauty and gives you confidence and strength.

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