Introducing Polyteron, patchouli's first men's brand.


Designer: Tomoaki Hirakawa

From points to lines, from lines to surfaces.
The theme is 2D to 3D + time + something else, making something 5D.
From design to finishing, almost all processes except casting are carried out
The designers themselves work on the project, creating products that are not bound by genre.



This time, we have selected the chopped collection, which is a collection of remade vintage items.

Chopped Collection is a collection of vintage brand parts.
This is a series of remade new items.

While retaining the vintage feel,
This is jewelry that has been elevated to the level of unique Polyteron jewelry.

POLYTERON Coin necklace 400

POLYTERON Coin necklace 395 /Silver&K18

In addition to the coin necklace with two overlapping motifs chopped and framed, and the totem pole necklace with two motifs connected to a cross,
I received some jewelry made from golf tee pins made into bangles and rings.

Polyteron T-pin Bangle

This bangle has been cut about 3cm to make it a size smaller so that it can be worn by women as well.

It has been made so that men can also wear it, so it can be enjoyed by both men and women.

We can adjust the length of the necklace chain to your preference, so please let us know.
We will assist you even after you receive it.

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