patchouli New Open!!

Gigi, which has been patronized since 2012, opened today as Patchouli on November 12th.

It is written as patchouli and read as patchouli.

What is Patchouli?
First of all, I'm curious about that, and those who are familiar with aroma may know.
It is the name of a plant used as a fragrance.

Here, the scent alone is a very astringent and unique scent! However, adding just a few drops, 1-2 drops to well-known oranges, sage, rosemary, ylang-ylang, etc., adds depth and breadth to the scent.

For that reason,

“Bringing out the charm of jewelry born from rich sensibility,
I named it with the thought that I want it to be a presence that can be used regularly for a long time.

Therefore, we have prepared patchouli oil as a novelty to commemorate the opening.

Details will be introduced later in the blog etc.