The FIGA series is designed mainly with the hand, which is the iconic motif of PALA.

We started by selecting a large hoop type, but we have also prepared a type without a hoop that is easier to use for everyday use.

pala jewelery

The FIGA series is available in a total of 5 variations.

All available in silver.

Patchouli Select's FIGA series are all special specifications with hand-carved tattoos.

Each one is hand-carved by a craftsman for a tasteful touch.

This flower is a bellflower.

It may be because of this bellflower flower that there is an exotic atmosphere somewhere.

The hoop-less type is now available with diamonds.

A design that wears a large diamond ring on the ring finger.

It reminds me of a manly woman wearing a large diamond ring.

Like a cool and fearless adult woman.

Similar to the hoop type, we also have a design that smokes tobacco with a bright red ruby on top.

Bewitching, bold, and free jewelry that makes your heart beat a little faster than the name of the series.

You can fully enjoy the playful jewelry unique to PALA.





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