New!! Handling of "PALA" has started

This is an introduction to PALA, which has been available since mid-July.


It brings a fresh breeze to Patchouli Select items!
Para's jewelry started handling with such a passion like love at first sight.

I'm very happy to be able to introduce it, and it's all about the people who can't handle it.

First of all, we have prepared free and bold jewelry, mainly with iconic hand motifs.

Engrave the motif of the hand and make a tattoo.
The bright red ruby is likened to a cigarette, giving it a bewitching adult atmosphere.

A craftsman seems to finish it by hand carving one by one.

By carving the base metal one by one, it becomes a finish with depth and sharpness.

Match the hand motif with large hoop earrings for a masculine and bold look.

It's cool!

A large hoop may be difficult to use on a daily basis, and in response to such feelings, we have made a bespoke design with only a hand motif without a hoop.

I think I will be able to introduce it in the end of August, so please look forward to it!