MINIMUMNUTS price change announcement

We are pleased to announce price changes and discontinuation of some of Minimum Nuts' products, which offer an elegant and adorable world view with gold and pearls.

Due to rising raw material prices and other expenses, it has become difficult to maintain product prices.
Although it is unwilling, we would like to make the decision to review and revise some of the prices we offer to you.

In addition, some items may be discontinued.
If you have been considering this, please take advantage of this opportunity.

New price: from March 1, 2023

dot earrings 12 18,700→¥24,100
dot earrings 7 ¥ 14,300 → ¥ 17,600
dot earrings 8 ¥15,950→¥19,800
dot earrings 22 ¥24,200→¥30,800

Minimum Nuts

dot Ear cuff 5¥18,700→¥20,900
dot ear cuff 6 gold¥22,000→¥28,600

Ear cuff, minimum nuts

tiny necklace chain station ring ¥12,650→¥16,500
tiny necklace chain ring ¥13,750→¥17,600

Minimum Nuts

float ring ¥55,000→¥68,200
float ring flat ¥68,200→¥86,900
float ring with diamonds discontinued

Minimum nuts

play ring 3-row ¥58,300→¥73,700
Play Ring Square A Discontinued
play Ring B discontinued

Minimum Nuts

seed ring ¥34,100→¥45,100

The one-of-a-kind Keshi Pearl series will remain available as is.