Fluorite ring loose order event will be held! - Finished

Loose orders have ended.
Thank you very much.

The finished ring is still for sale.



Special rings using rainbow fluorite carefully selected by bohem designers have arrived.

Fluorite is a soft stone that is very fragile, so it cannot be resized.

Therefore, we decided to hold a custom order event from Ruth for a limited time this time.

Carefully selected from bohem buying Ruth,
We have 2 S size loose and 1 L size loose.

During the period, patchouli will have products and loose items.

Official LINE (@patchouli) and chat function (lower right balloon!)
You can also send photos and videos individually at
Please feel free to contact us.

Now, let's start with the S size.

bohem One of a kind Fluorite ring Custom order 3 Fluorite ring S/K10

This route.
(I made the photo slightly larger so that you can see it better.)

Cut so that the border line is slanted.
The ground color is clear, and mint green is inserted between the purple lines.

We have also prepared a video, so please take a look here.

Is it easy to understand the scene placed on the finger?
It's a ring that has a height and is clear, so I think it will take in the light and create a fresh impression.

Another one in the same S size.
This is a gentle gradation type.

bohem One of a kind Fluorite ring Custom order 2 Fluorite ring S/K10

Ruth moving from pale mint green to purple.
A gradation in which each other's colors are soaked and mixed.

It has a cool impression rather than sweetness.
The point is a gentle and soft expression that makes a statement.

And here is the L size loose.

bohem One of a kind Fluorite ring Custom order 1 Fluorite ring L/K10

This is also a gradation to berry pink based on mint green.
It transitions to mint green while drawing a wavy vertical stripe pattern.

Gorgeous loose with a contrast of green and red.
Like the candy ring you used to get when you were young,
It's funny and adorable.
You're feeling better!

It is very impressive due to its size.
Good for middle finger and index finger.

How was it?

I think that the size of a plain round instep ring is good for wearing.
If you wish, we can also make a half size.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by chat or email.
We will wait!
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