We have been introducing simmon since the days of GIGI, the predecessor of Patchouli.

The designer started simmon after working as a craftsman for a famous jewelry brand, and is still involved in the creation of simmon's prototypes and finishing touches, making it a brand that also incorporates the skills of a craftsman.

I think this is a jewelry brand that offers a wide range of designs, from designs incorporating animal and floral motifs to stylish signet rings made with glued white mother-of-pearl.

This time we would like to introduce a new collection that has been released for the first time in a while.

This collection features earrings made from loose stones made using a technique called doublet, which involves gluing two stones together .

Opaque stones on the front and transparent stones on the back.
Transparent stones bonded to expressive opaque stones
The addition of fresh sparkle makes this a collection of attractive loose stones.

The back is made of smoky quartz.
The tones have been muted while adding the freshness that is unique to transparent quartz.

This stud type is sold individually.
You can enjoy asymmetrical color combinations.

And hook type too.


It is slightly larger than the stud type.
Available in three varieties: lapis lazuli, pink opal, and yellow tiger eye.

The hook type sways gently. You can see the stone from multiple angles, not only from the front but also from the back, so you can fully enjoy the doublet design.