The latest product from Perche?, which is made entirely by hand in an atelier in Fukuoka, mainly using K18YG, has appeared.

It is a new crossing collection derived from the familiar marumaru series of rings with circles.

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A ring with silver circles,
A design in which rings of K18 yellow gold are connected in a chain shape.

It overlaps while drawing an arch to one ring, and creates a crossing detail.

The stacking method is always free, and either ring can be on top.
You can freely adjust the overlapping condition and enjoy it.

It looks different from the usual stacking of two rings.

Perque? ,perche? jewelry

The design concept of this crossing collection

"Things look simple, but are surprisingly complex,
It seems hard to understand, but it's actually quite simple.

Whatever choice you make, before you know it, it overlaps and intersects with a different world,
We will create a new “something” while changing the shape.

Even if every day feels monotonous.
Don't overlook small changes and move on.
Be free and be yourself. 』

As it says,
A ring with a simple structure that connects two rings,
The change in each expression that can be shown by just a little movement,
It was created from the desire to see it positively and wear it like yourself.

No matter what you choose, it's a dish that gives you the courage to enjoy without overlooking the changes.

perche?, perche jewelry

Perche? Orange sapphire Nude ring Sapphire ring or/K18

Along with this crossing collection, we are also introducing the NUDE series.

Designed to fully capture the light, you can enjoy the beautiful colors.

perche? ring

The jewelry used for layering in the wearing photo is also introduced here.

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