Thank you for your continued support in 2022.

Business in 2022 has started.
Thank you for your continued patronage this year.

In November last year, it was changed to patchouli and reopened.
I hope the name “Patchouli” is familiar to you.

While snuggling up to everyone's lifestyle, sometimes adding play,
We will continue to devote ourselves to proposing jewelry that you can wear forever.

Thank you for your continued support.

Well, the start of this year is from MONAKAjewellery's Hibiki series.

We have prepared a fresh green emerald that is recommended for the season of fresh green.

I made it with Monaka Jewelry's original carving with a leaf motif.

We have earrings and a necklace.

More details will be introduced on the blog.

MONAKA jewelery