We made an original ring sizer.

A ring sample numbered in increments of one for measuring ring size.
This time, we have created our own original size gauge.

For customers who come to our showroom to try on sizes, we suggest sizes using a size gauge.

Rings designed as fashion jewelry are often 0.8-1.2mm in size, but the most commonly used size gauges are the rounded type, which is the mainstream for wedding rings.

I make suggestions based on my experience, taking into consideration the individual characteristics of my customers' hands and the features of their rings, but I always had a vague feeling of dissatisfaction, wondering if there wasn't some way I could provide a little more physical support beyond just my experience.

That's it! We thought to ourselves, "We can just make a ring gauge that resembles the shape of that ring!" And so we decided to create our own original ring gauge.

A ring gauge using 0.9mm round wire.
A ring gauge with a ring attached to the top stone setting.

I made two sample rings.

You can always come to our showroom and try it out.
We will also lend to customers who are far away by mail, so please feel free to contact us via LINE or email.