Enjoy the uniqueness of each piece

A nucleus embedded for pearl cultivation.
Baroque pearls are formed when pearls that are supposed to grow round around a nucleus are changed in shape by the addition of some foreign substance.

When something replaces a nucleus accidentally gets mixed into a shell that has grown naturally, poppy pearls are formed based on the shape of that foreign object.

We now have jewelry in stock that allows you to enjoy pearls that have been created through these two different processes, resulting in artistic and unique silhouettes.

MINIMUMNUTS AKOYA baroque pearl pair pierce Akoya pearl pair pierce/K18

This is a baroque Akoya pearl.
Akoya pearls have a distinctive luster and a shiny appearance that can be described as metallic.

A sophisticated pearl with a grey gradation and green color intertwined.

This is a reliable item that will allow you to feel confident while enjoying your own style, whether for everyday use or in slightly tense situations.

MINIMUMNUTS Keshi pearl pair pierce / K18

Gorgeous golden yellow poppy pearls.

The oval silhouette on the side gives a cute and light impression.
It features a gentle luster typical of white pearls.

I think the overall roundness is relatively rare for poppy pearls.

These single earrings are also made of poppy pearls.
The fluid silhouette resembles a cloud.

They are made in a small size so that you can wear more than one in each ear as a second piercing.
For this reason, we are selling them individually, so if you would like to use them as a set, please find the pair that you like.

Although both Baroque poppies have different developmental histories, we hope you will enjoy their respective unique characteristics.