《Simultaneous release from 5/15! 》bohem ear cuff spot sale & order meeting

Sales start from 5/15 (Sun)!

The latest collection of bohem, which was well received at the order party the other day

Mini size appeared in Candy collection!

patchouli will hold a special sale for a limited time.

Immediate delivery is possible at this time.

Due to production issues, as soon as the stock runs out, the next arrival will be undecided, so please take this opportunity.

We will post it in the shop on 5/14, so please wait for a while.

candy collection


At the same time, we will also be accepting orders for collaboration items between bohem and Yuki Otani.

A 2-way ear cuff that can also be used as a pinky ring if the size matches.

Please take a look at this opportunity.

bohem × yuki ootani 03 color ball mini collection







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