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PALA BALOON Heart Ring & Pendant Ring & Necklace /Silver

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/// BALOON ///
Largest, big, big heart jewelry.
Although it has a plump and voluminous feel like a balloon,
Because it is made hollow, it is designed so that you do not feel the burden of the weight.

A 2-way type that can be enjoyed not only as a ring but also as a pendant.
You can arrange it freely by replacing it with the attached ribbon, velvet, leather, etc.

If the heart with a sweet impression has such a sharp silhouette,
It is a product that can be recommended for adult women.

A jewelry brand launched by designer Akari Kimura in 2012.

Using the experience I learned in New York,
We create jewelry based on the inspiration we get from new discoveries when we look at everyday familiar things from a different angle.

To be modern and timeless beyond generations.

Designers themselves will be involved in the production, and we will propose jewelry that values quality from the craftsman's perspective.

Material silver

Size ring #11,13

heart about 4.8*3.4*1.2cm
Ribbon about 1m

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