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LiniE green series First green ring Ring/K10

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"LiniE" which means "line".
It contains the wish to become a "line" that connects nature, people, and time.
Using the one and only natural stone with inclusions,
A cool design targeting mature women with natural beauty.
With outstanding Japanese jewelry technology, each piece is carefully finished.

///Linie green///
Linie's second line series.
Using natural stones and recycled materials,
A line that proposes an earth-friendly Life Style while supporting activities for Save Earth.

Designed with the theme of “fresh green” using recycled gold.
The leaf motif and green onyx are arranged to create a refreshing design.

green onyx


Designer Profile
Fumie Niimi
After graduating from the Faculty of Design at Joshibi University of Art and Design, she studied jewelry by herself while working as a graphic designer.
In 2006, he launched his original brand LiniE.
Traveling domestically and internationally by snowboarding and surfing,
As he interacts with nature, he is fascinated by the spiritual energy and beauty of stones and minerals.
Regularly visit Sedona, Arizona, examine the natural stones one by one,
We are announcing jewelry where fashionability and natural dynamism coexist.

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