bohem × patchouli collaboration ring released

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Bohem has been carrying Patchouli's products since its days as a select shop even before Gigi, the predecessor of Patchouli.

We have been introducing bohem since around 2010 , and to commemorate the opening of our showroom, we have created a collaborative jewelry project.

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Make your everyday life free, fun, cool, cute and wonderful.
With these concepts in mind, the jewelry is designed and produced with an emphasis on playfulness, timing and quality.

Patchouli shared their rough design concept for a voluminous ring, studded with random stones and finished with a variety of engraving settings.

This jewelry was created through trial and error, with suggestions from a bohem designer regarding balance, carving, and type of stone.

Clear stones include diamonds and quartz, but this time we used white topaz suggested by bohem.

White topaz has a smooth, lustrous shine that is different from the sharp transparency of quartz, and it is a stone that has a strong presence even when set as an embedded stone.

We have samples available in our showroom.
You can either visit us in person or we can arrange a video call with you, so please feel free to contact us.

bohem × patchouli
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